carolvanaukenI would like to invite you to our annual Carol Van Auken pancreatic cancer research fundraising event, in memory of my dear mother who passed away from this horrible disease. I started a golf outing in my mother’s memory because of the lack of awareness and research dollars for pancreatic cancer.

My mom was a healthy and happy 58-year-old until her diagnosis.  But, when she was diagnosed, it was too late – as it is with most pancreatic cancer patients.  We lost her six months later.

The reasoning for lack of research is that “only” 36,000 people a year get this disease.  In my opinion, that’s one too many. Since we lost her, that number has doubled, for reasons yet to be determined.

We host an annual event in order to raise money for The Lustgarten Foundation, which donates 100 percent of their monies towards pancreatic cancer research. This was a very important factor for me when I was deciding which foundation to support.

We are now leading the Greater Philadelphia Pancreatic Cancer 5k Walk and Run in Pennsauken, NJ.

What I’m asking you for today is that you participate in this important event, either as an attendee, a volunteer, or by donating an item to be auctioned off. Any type of support would be greatly appreciated.


Carol Ann Van Auken-DeAngelo

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  1. I am doing this for an incredibly dear friend who’s husband has a very short time left on earth because of pancreatic cancer. He would make this final journey peacefully knowing that his wife would remain at their place.
    Please donate

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